unnamedFor the past couple of festivals we have enjoyed the exciting blockbuster adventures of superhero Pelle Nøhrmann, a.k.a. Antboy, who has to juggle protection of his small Danish town with all the pressures of his early teenage years at school. Now, with crime under control, we see him prepare to leave his crime-fighting alter ego behind, only to learn that his nemesis The Flea has just been released from prison. Worse still, a cool new alternative superhero has emerged onto the scene, and Antboy begins to find himself sidelined and treated as a joke in the community. Turning for help to his oldest friend, comic book geek Wilhelm, he is rebuffed and left to face these new challenges on his own. Will Antboy have to rely on a new and unexpected ally as he sets out to face his greatest challenge? This action-packed finale of the Antboy trilogy sees our hero go out in a blaze of superhero glory (did we ever doubt it?).

It’s the end of the Antboy era, but it definitely goes out with a kapow!

To book tickets visit the Eden Court website, or call the Box Office on 01463 234 234.

  • Rating:8+ IFF
  • Country:Denmark
  • Year:2016
  • Duration:84 minutes
  • Language:Danish with subtitles
  • Director:Ask Hasselbalch
  • Starring:Oscar Dietz, Amalie Kruse Jensen
  • Website:facebook.com/AntboyFilmen