By day, Barakah is a mild-mannered civil servant who half-heartedly penalises petty bylaw violations on the streets of Jeddah but Barakah’s dream is to be an actor. One night he responds to a tip that an “immodest” fashion shoot is taking place and there he meets Bibi, an outspoken Instagram star and the adopted daughter of a very rich and very dysfunctional couple. Like Barakah, she dreams of something bigger. The pair click, but dating is no mean feat in any country. In Saudi Arabia, it’s nearly impossible… Described as Saudi Arabia’s first ever rom-com, this freewheeling, romantic romp takes a cheeky look at censorship, Middle Eastern history and modern love – Saudi style.

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  • Rating:15+ IFF
  • Country:Saudi Arabia
  • Year:2016
  • Duration:88 minutes
  • Language:Arabic with subtitles
  • Director:Mahmoud Sabbagh
  • Starring:Hisham Fageeh, Fatima Al Banawi, Sami Hifny, Khairia Nazmi
  • With thanks to MPM Films